The European Union report confirms Maldives willing to support the international efforts towards social and political reform, evident from findings.

According to the EU, the Maldives government's support towards international reform on law and order became evident during the visitation of United Nation's Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez in 2019 to assess conditions of jails in the country.

Moreover, the European Union acknowledges Maldives signing on the international convention against torture and inhuman treatment subjected towards prisoners.

Apart from this the Union identifies efforts of Maldives government in its pursuit to reform the local judiciary, to apply more internationally accepted standards.

The EU further acknowledges Maldives government for its efforts in investigating and identifying underlying issues with the judiciary, and working towards a collective reform.

However, it showed concern over the disolution of a pro-human rights and political advocacy NGO Maldivian Democratic Network.