Health Protection Agency HPA confirms 26 new cases of Covid-19 in the Maldives.

In a tweet, HPA reported that the new cases include 3 Maldivians, 16 Bangladeshi nationals, 3 Nepalese nationals, 3 Indians, and 1 Sri Lankan national.

HPA confirmed that with this the total number of cases has now reached 2120 in the Maldives since the first case was identified back in March of this year.

Meanwhile, HPA said that 7 people have recovered from the illness today. HPA said that a total of 1677 people have now been declared free of the Covid-19 virus and that only 433 individuals remain under treatment for the illness.

The latest updates from the HPA show that 281 people are still under isolation while 318 people are being quarantined at various facilities across the nation.

Although the authorities have taken several measures against the pandemic including placing the Male’ Area under lockdown, on Monday government eases some of the restrictive measures in the Capital City. This includes allowing people to go out for essential needs between 5 am to 10 pm without a permit as well as allowing all retail services to resume operations.

Although the measures have been eased, authorities have urged the public to refrain from making unnecessary trips outside and to wear masks and practice social distancing and be mindful of washing their hands regularly.