Maldives Police Services says that it has arrested a 38-year-old local man for sexually abusing an 11-year old child

In a tweet, Police said that the man was arrested under a court warrant.

It said that the police were working with relevant authorities to ensure the support and protection of the victim.

Police said the case is being investigated with utmost importance and diligence.

Reports say that the 11-year-old was allegedly raped in a guesthouse in Male’ but authorities are yet to find out how the child was taken to the guesthouse or who owned the guesthouse.

This is the second instance where a minor has been sexually abused in a guesthouse in Male’ city amid the lockdown of the city due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Earlier a 16-year-old was lured to Male’ on false pretenses and sexually abused in a guesthouse amid the lockdown of the city and has left authorities scrambling to find those responsible.

Police have said that the child was brought to Male’ with valid permits from the Health Protection Agency HPA but this case involves blackmail and coercion.