Speaker of the parliament and former President Mohamed Nasheed says that he doesn’t want to hold parliamentary sittings without its minority party.

Speaking at the parliament session today, Nasheed said that sometimes he is forced to take certain actions to maintain stability of the parliamentary system. But he reminded that this does those means these actions should be regarded as the norm to maintain the parliament.

He called on the Parliamentary members of PPM and PNC to attend the sessions.

Nasheed said that the country needs its parliament to work competitively and that the Maldives is not a one-party country.

The opposition coalition has boycotted the parliamentary sessions for a third straight day. The opposition has cited that in the parliament session held at 1:30 am on the 2nd of June, the speaker of the parliament had acted in violation of article 65 of the Parliament Regulations by suddenly announcing the name of MP for Naifaru constituency Ahmed Shiyam and ordering the MP to step out of the chamber.

The opposition also said that MP’s representing the ruling MDP had assaulted MP Shiyam on the instruction the speaker and forcibly removed the MP from the chamber. Opposition also said that ruling party MPs had locked the doors of the chambers from inside as opposition MPs went out to check on MP Shiyam thus denying them the right to debate or take part in the vote on the amendment to the Constitution.