The Progressive Coalition, the country's only political opposition alliance have announced its decision to boycott Monday's parliament session.

A statement released by the joint-parliamentary group of the alliance alleged the Parliament Speaker of acting against the standings of the Maldives legislative body.

The opposition accused Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed of instigating violence against Naifaru MP Ahmed Shiyam, while ordering him to step off the parliament chambers during the now infamous sitting.

Moreover, the opposition had claimed pro-government lawmakers had acted on the Speaker's directives in ensuing violence as well as pushing opposition lawmaker Shiyam out of the chambers.

The statement further claimed the state aligned lawmakers had forcibly removed other opposition members and closed the parliament chamber's doors behind them, adding the opposition lawmakers who stepped out of the chambers to assess the condition of the assaulted lawmaker were locked out of the chambers as well.

Opposition further claimed the parliament sitting of the aforementioned date did not adhere to Section 105 (a) and (b) and Section 239 (b) of the Maldives Constitution, which cites the provision of safety and security for the members of the parliament.

In the statement, the opposition had asserted the members aligned with the alliance will not attend Monday's tabled sitting in light of the violence against one of its members as well as the progression of a criminal investigation into the assault against MP Shiyam.