Former Fonadhoo MP and the current President of political party PNC Abdul Raheem Abdulla claimed Wednesday's protest at Naifaru as the beginning of opposition's movement.

Earlier on Wednesday, locals of the island gathered in front of opposition party PPM's office to voice their criticism against Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed.

The protestants further condemned the assault on their representative lawmaker at parliament, Ahmed Shiyam.

In a tweet, the outspoken politician claimed Wednesday's protest was a 'kick-off' for the opposition's political movement in the country against current administration.

The Progressive Coalition, which acts the primary and only opposition to current administration held several protests prior to Maldives coming under Covid-19 outbreak.

Opposition continued to call out for the immediate release of embattered former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, who was serving a five year jail sentence for the crime of money laundering.

Meanwhile, the opposition continued its stand against current government and its policies.

Members of the opposition coalition placed strong criticism towards Parliament Speaker for his alleged discrimination towards opposition lawmakers.

Nasheed has also faced lambaste from opposition for his conduct and approach as the Speaker.