Ooredoo donates 50 Intubation Boxes to National Disaster Management Authority of Maldives to help protect healthcare workers during this COVID 19 global pandemic.

In a statement, Ooredoo said that the company believes that it is an utmost priority to implement safety measures and provide the healthcare workers the necessary tools to protect their lives.

It said that intubation boxes are a recently innovated transparent polycarbonate box that was designed in Taiwan to separate the nurses and physicians from the patient to reduce the risk of contracting the virus while performing intubation for COVID 19 patients.

Healthcare workers are at great risk of infection during the intubation procedure as the virus particles can get aerosolized when the tube is inserted into the trachea. The intubation procedure is usually performed by inserting a tube into the trachea to keep the airway open before connecting to a ventilator to help patients with difficulty in breathing.

The telecom giant said that the Intubation Box design from Taiwan was further modified to create a local prototype for the Maldives by Metal Signs Private Limited, as per the guidance of medical professionals from IGMH.

Ooredoo donates intubation boxes to NDMA/ Photo: Ooredoo
There is no doubt in the importance of protecting the wellbeing of our service providers and healthcare workers who are risking their lives every day to keep our communities safe. It is our sincere hope that these Intubation Boxes will provide additional protection to the healthcare professionals who are at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19 and allow them to feel safer while performing their duties. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Metal Signs for their proactive efforts in the development of the local design of the Intubation Box, and ensuring a seamless and timely production of the equipment in order to hand them over to hospitals as soon as possible
Hussain Niyaz, Acting Chief Commercial Officer, Ooredoo

Ooredoo said that it has been closely collaborating with government agencies including the President’s Office, the National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC), and the Health Protection Agency (HPA) to provide key measures of support for the national response to the pandemic.

It highlighted that earlier this month, Ooredoo Group and Ooredoo Maldives have contributed 2.5 million rufiyaa to the Government of the Maldives as relief aid for COVID 19 crisis.

It said that the company continues to provide critical connectivity support, mass awareness on Covid-19 prevention and relief, as well as digital solutions that enable online education, health services, and enterprise.

Ooredoo added that it continues to extend offers with free Data and special payment plans to help customers stay connected with friends and family and to ensure accessibility to important information and news.