The former Vice President of Maldives on Wednesday criticized the public address of Maldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

On Wednesday evening, Maldives President had spoken to his citizens via conference telecast nationwide.

The former VP had lambasted incumbent government alleging Wednesday's public addressing was nothing short of a "Covid-19 corruption report."

In his argument Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, the former VP said the state had failed in establishing adequate ventilator and medical equipment despite staggering state spendings on Covid-19 related efforts.

Dr. Jameel also alleged the state officials, cabinet ministers and corporate heads of 'crisis profiteering' at the expense of public plight.

He had also alleged of scandal and corrupt conduct by incumbent government, exploiting the current economic regression amid ongoing viral pandemic. Dr. Jameel further claimed the current Maldives President must be held accountable for the alleged corruption.

Meanwhile, Maldives President on Wednesday evening during his public statement confirmed the lockdown restrictions will be relaxed after the currently effective duration.

The government had earlier announced the lockdown restrictions will be effective until 28 May 2020.

President Solih noted restrictions will be relaxed for trading, reopening of cafes, restaurants and schools. He further said bans will be slowly lifted from congregational prayers at mosques.

According to Maldives President the lockdown restrictions will be lifted based on phases.