Parliament Speaker warns of possible no confidence motion against state officials, over non-compliance to public outcry.

Maldives Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has expressed growing concerns of his and other MPs as the crisis in the island nation continues to intensity amid viral pandemic.

Nasheed expressed his concerns during Monday's parliamentary sessions, where he noted his patience as well as patience of other MPs were running thin in light of evident lack of responsibility and initiative by senior officials of state executive.

Parliament Speaker further stressed on the mounting tensions by several families and residents currently stuck in Greater Male' Region, on tenancy - as most of them do not have means to settle out rents.

The parliament Speaker further criticized possible government inaction in providing solution towards the said issue, as Nasheed claimed he failed to understand why an issue of grave consequences for the public should be unimportant.

He further said MPs reserved the right and authority to hold government officials accountable and had the power to remove them from their held designations over imcompetency.

However, parliament Speaker claimed their motive was not exclusively towards removing state officials but mostly on holding the accountable to their duties.

Nasheed further questioned the visible incompetency or inaction by government officials even continued reiteration from members of the parliament regarding emerging social and economic issues amid the viral crisis.

Meanwhile, reports confirm over 5000 locals who visited prior to the lockdown for limited time have now become stranded within the city.