Three Indians who were recently repatriated back home from Maldives tested positive for Covid-19 virus.

A verified source claims the three Indians were discovered carrying the virus after tests conducted upon arriving in India.

The repatriates who tested positive for the virus had embarked from Maldives on Friday, 08 May along with 199 others. The total 202 Indians traveling on Friday to their home country embarked without testing from Maldives.

They were tested on arrival at Cochin, the shoreline city.

The source had further attested the Indian nationals had been employed outside of Greater Male' Region during their tenure at Maldives. However, it was not confirmed if the 03 individuals worked at the same venue or not.

Meanwhile, Indian newspapers had also claimed 02 of its nationals tested positive after arriving from Maldives.

Reports claim the patients have now been transferred to an isolation facility for treatment. Indians upon arrival from Maldives at Cochin, must remain sequestered at a designated quarantine facility for a period of 14 days before discharge.

Maldives reports over 27,000 Indians working in various fields of the country.

Repatriation vessels had taken pregnant workers, children and people with significant health conditions along with workers facing redundancies. Two vessels on Sunday and Friday of the previous week had transported the Indian nationals back home.