China has rejected calls for an independent, international investigation into the origins of the novel coronavirus or the COVID-19.

Chen When, a senior diplomat in the United Kingdom argued the calls were politically motivated and greatly divert China's attention from fighting the pandemic.

So far, no substantial information on the new strand of the coronavirus; which has proven fatal if left untreated, have been discovered or attested.

Many claim the origin of the virus and how it initially spread could help countries in tackling the disease.

Though unconfirmed even now, the virus is strongly believed to have originated from a wildlife market; with allegations of illegal trade, sometime in the late 2019.

China faces accusation from the European Union and its countries of spreading disinformation about the virus and its resulting crisis, all of which the Jinping adminstration denies.

Calls for international investigators to be allowed into China came almost from the beginning of the pandemic, all of which have been denied by the Asian giant.

Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison warned he will be pushing for an investigation at the annual meeting next month of the World Health Organization. Australia sits on the executive board of the assembly.

However, Ms Chen said China will not agree to the international investigation.

"The indepdendent inquiry is politically motivated," she said.

"We are fighting the virus at the moment, we are concentrating all our efforts on fighting against the virus. Why talk about an investigation into this? This will divert not only attention, it will divert resources."

While the Chinese government denies calls for international investigation, that may significantly shed light into curbing the spread or control the virus entirely, Beijing's ally Maldives is observing mounting positive cases of the pandemic.

The island nation currently reports a total of 129 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus (inclusive of the 17 recoveries).