The Maldives Police Service has confiscated the phone and SIM card of outspoken Social Media Activist Ahmed Ashraf popularly known in the local social media circuit as 'Shumba Gong.'

Authorities nabbed the items from the often controversial activist for allegations of publicly divulging discretionary information of the state.

Ashraf is also suspected of administrating the controversial and often scrutinized local 'bullet-news' forum; "MVCrisis."

Local law enforcement reports the items, personal to the activist, have been confiscated with regards to an ongoing investigation.

The prominent activist was summoned to police authority on Monday evening for questioning and inquiry.

Prior to interrogation and confiscation of Ashraf's phone and SIM card, Police acquired a Criminal Court order for the items noting he was suspected of administrating a Telegram channel, disclosing crucial secrets of the state and law enforcement authorities.

Ashraf is alleged of divulging state secrets without acquiring proper permits.

The Criminal Court order dictates Ashraf's phone along with the SIM card will be under police custody for a duration of 30 days.

Meanwhile the prominent activist reported he was transported to police authority on Monday evening after he had come out from the press briefing at Dharubaaruge convention center by Corona Response Center.

The Telegram channel 'MVCrisis' allegedly run by the controversial activist is scrutinized for spreading unvalidated and false information; including updates regarding the spread and intesity of COVID-19.

Moreover, the Telegram channel is lambasted for attempting to induce panic among the public with half-baked news and statements.

Meanwhile Maldives Media Council on Sunday requested from state authorities to assist in controlling unregistered media and news channels.