The Maldives Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed claims 'headlines' are presented to the parliament instead of draft bills.

Speaking at Wednesday, 19 February 2020, session of People's Majilis - Maldives parliament - Nasheed explained the standard conduct at the chamber is for lawmakers to present a 'headline' or a topic of discussion.

He further added, these 'headlines' or topics of discussion get debated between the lawmakers and becomes bills based on the public interest and concerns.

Nasheed notes parliament is the state body responsible for such conduct and place of debate to realize a bill which will either become an Act or a statute.

In his speech, the former President also clarified the role of People's Majilis claiming it is the legislative body of the state and should be recognized as such. Nasheed had also focused on the role of public opinion in drafting bills.

According to the Speaker, the bills presented at parliament should be discussed in a transparent manner disclosing adequate information to the public and state institutions.