The Kaashidhoo constituency lawmaker has proposed amendments to Acts related to child abuse calling for the punitive measure of hanging by the law for child sex offenders.

In a letter addressed to Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, the leader of political party DRP and Kaashidhoo's incumbent MP asserted on the country's Islamic heritage and practice.

In his letter, Kaashidhoo MP Abdulla Jabir notes the country's Constitution is formed with Islamic tenets as its source and thus the criminal offenses must be revised accordingly to the religious doctrines.

MP Jabir bemoaned on the legal loopholes through which many sex offenders are let loose, and repeat their crimes.

The Kaashidhoo MP also criticized on the jailing measure for sex offenders, resulting in offenders eventually getting pardons and release ahead of their sentence duration.

In his letter to Parliament Speaker, the lawmaker severely criticized on presidential pardons to such repeat offenders as well.

The lawmaker has urged the Maldives Parliament to establish Islamic Shari'a in addressing offenses related to sexual abuse and child abuse.

His proposal to amend the country's judicial laws come amid public outrage on several child-rape cases surfacing.

The outburst came as a result of a 2 year old infant becoming the sexually abused victim of her father, grandfather and great grandfather.

Moreover, another case was reported of an 80 year old elderly sexually victimizing a 12 year old minor while Maldives Police confirmed a third case of a 56 year old local male molesting a 5 year old.