Maldives Police Service has received another report of sexual abuse against a child, on Friday.

Reports claim the incident took place in a Southern island of the country.

Furthermore, local law enforcement claims they received the report sometime on Friday evening. Maldives Police claims they received the report of a 56 year old local male had sexually abused a 05 year old minor.

Meanwhile, Police had further noted their decision to not disclose the name and the island of the abuse victim was done in order to protect the child's identity.

The sexual abuse case has been reported at a time when a local rape case involving a 02 year old victim surfaced on Thursday, much to the anger of the Maldives public.

The case has sparked widespread public outrage, that has taken several locals to the streets in protests. Many have voiced their frustration with local law enforcement as well as the Gender Ministry, for their lack of competence.

On Friday, 17 January 2020, several locals gathered in front of the Gender Ministry's premises with placards voicing their frustration.

Shortly after, the Minister of Gender arrived on location to hold dialogue with an angry protestant mob.

While some called out for her immediate resignation, others demanded answers and a faster action against sex offenders and rapists.