The grandfather of the 02 year old rape victim, has been suspended from his designation as a local Imam.

The grandfather, originating from a Southern island, was the Imam of the island's mosque.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Islamic Affairs spoke with local news media confirming they were conducting an investigation of their own regarding the sexual abuse case of the 02 year old.

Moreover, the island's council has confirmed they had requested from the Ministry to cancel the Imam license of the sex-offender two months prior to the incident.

Ministry of Islamic Affairs further commented, upon being inquired if any case against the local Imam was presented earlier or not, that they had not received any information two months prior.

However, the Ministry confirms they had received that reports of a local Imam's alleged sexual abuse but added that the case was not linked to the currently reported case.

While the grandfather of the recently reported 02 year old rape victim, has been suspended from his duties as an Imam, he was presented to the local magistrate on Friday for remand hearing.

The local Imam was sentenced with 15 days in remand and was transported to Male' City on Saturday morning.