The Maldives Minister of Health Abdulla Ameen confirmed of enacting a measles treatment center at Hulhumale'.

Minister Ameen confirmed a center to counter the disease will be established at 20:00hrs on Tuesday evening, 14 January 2020.

Furthermore, Minister commented individuals with suspected cases of measles and ones who have contacted the disease residing in Greater Male' region will receive treatment from the center.

On Tuesday's press conference the Maldives Minister of Health had not disclosed the exact venue of the center, but added the detail will be revealed during the one of the press conferences.

Ministry has decided to hold special press conferences on a daily basis to bring updates regarding the recent measles outbreak.

A third case of measles found in a local was reported on Tuesday, however Minister Ameen ensured no other cases have been notified so far.

The recent measles outbreak has been linked to the anti-vaccination community, which picked up an alarming following in recent months.

Many have directed lambaste at the anti-vaccination movement and its prime conspirators for creating an environment of distrust towards clinically approved methods in countering diseases.

In 2017, World Health Organization announced Maldives had successfully eradicated the pandemic becoming one out of the two countries to achieve this in Asian region.

However, recent reports have confirmed a compact community within Maldivian population have been advocating against vaccinating children and promoting parent consent for vaccination.

Many anti-vaccination sympathizers have justified their actions stating vaccination causes autism and similar 'diseases.'

Recent measles cases involve a 3 year old child whose parents held anti-vaccination ideals.