The Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) has suspected misinformation have been delivered regarding the situation and condition of local prisons.

The commission is tasked to probe into the riots and strikes ongoing in local prisons.

HRCM has alleged Maldives Correctional Service of providing false accounts and misinformation regarding the case; regarding the riots and strikes.

Moreover, the commission notes the ongoing strikes and riots in local jails have been made privy to them through social media platforms and local media.

Following the strike at Maafushi penitentiary on Thursday, HRCM had paid a visit to the site and inquired about the incident from prisoners and the management including wardens.

HRCM claims the riot broke out over Maldives Correctional Service's inaction in delivering on the demands made by prisoners to safeguard their rights and necessities.

Complaints by prisoners range from prolonged trials and inadequate health care delivered to them.

Meanwhile several prisoners at Male' Prison has initiated a hunger strike based on similar demands.

Reports have followed of arson in three locations of Male' Prison amid the strike. A news that has since been denied by Correctional Service to hold any truth.