The West-Henveiru constituency lawmaker Hassan Latheef has shot back at his colleague lawmaker Ibrahim Shareef over the latter's controversial statement.

In his retort, Latheef said the development achieved by excluding women will "look odd."

The lawmaker's jab comes following the Kelaa MP, Shareef, tweeted a controversial statement on the micro-blogging social platform a few days back regarding women inclusion in politics.

In his, now controversary filled, statement Shareef placed parallels on decline of birthrate against women filling political designations; such as City Councils, Island Councils and development committee positions.

MP Latheef had responded strongly, asserting the development of a country must not be realized by excluding women from the process.

"Development achieved by excluding women will look odd, going against the law of nature will look odd," Latheef said.

Meanwhile MP Shareef has received significant criticism from the public; notably in Twitter, over his statement.

Many have called out to cease making such derogatory comments, requesting the MP to think constructively.