Maldives Correctional Services has confirmed the rumors and reports of arson at Male' Prison amid prisoner riots has been gravely falsified.

Officers of Correctional Service confirmed the news as a hoax while speaking with local news "The Press" on Tuesday, noting the situation has been widely 'blown out of proportion' on local socia media handles.

Meanwhile a media official from the authority confirms the prisoners of Male' Prison were carrying out a hunger strike within the premises.

However, none of the prisoners have been affected or injured during the strike and no incident of significance has arisen from their refusal for sustenance.

Reports over the hunger strike indicate the cause as prisoners demanding for proper medical care; and the lack of it was the reason for the initiation for a riot.

The situation became further critical with several images of prisoners supposedly held in Male' Prison, bearing visible bruises and lacerations went viral.

Regarding the matter, Correctional Service confirms they are investigating the authenticity of the images and precise details of the incident.

On the other hand, the prisoners at Maafushi Penitentiary have claimed the rioting will continue until their demands for proper rights are not met.

With the situation getting seemingly out of hand, the Commissioner of Prisons Abdulla Munaz has recently been subjected to widespread lambaste by the Maldives opposition for alleged incompetency.