Authorities say they have detained 15 expatriates in the last 2 days as authorities continue their crackdown on illegal businesses operated by migrant workers in the Greater Male' area.

Police said that on the 8th of this month, a raid operation targeted small retail shops and takeaway coffee shops in Male' and Villimale and that they raided 3 such places during the operation.

Police also said that a total of 9 expatriates were detained and taken under the custody of Immigration for further investigation.

Authorities said that 4 places were raided on the 9th of this month and that 6 others were detained by Immigration for further investigation. Immigration has indicated that they would not be easing these raids against illegal businesses being operated by migrant workers.

Under Section 30 of the Immigration Act, it is an offense for locals to hire foreigners without a valid work permit for any sort of employment and authorities have said that they would take action against locals who continue to hire illegal expatriate workers.