Health Ministry has opened three flu clinics in the Greater Male' Area to combat increasing cases of common cold and viral fevers.

The clinics had been opened at Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) in Male', as well as in Hulhumale', and Villimale'.

The Health Ministry said the flu clinics are being set up as part of efforts to protect public health as the pilgrims are returning from Hajj. The Ministry further said that it also provides easy access to safe and appropriate treatment for those with symptoms of fever and disease and as a measure to control and prevent the spread of fever and disease among the public.

In addition, the ministry said special clinics have been set up to control and manage the spread of colds, coughs, and respiratory diseases as a precautionary measure.

The Ministry assured that the health sector is ready to provide this service from other regions and provinces if the number of patients is increasing to protect the public from these diseases and further strengthen treatment.

It also urged returning pilgrims to seek assistance from the clinics if they present with any symptoms of viral fever or cold to curb the spread of any illnesses.