President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has extended his congratulations to the people of the Maldives and the Islamic ummah on this year's Day of Arafah.

In a post shared on the social media platform 'X', the President noted that the day of Arafah is one of the most blessed days of the year.

He also made dua for all Maldivian citizens and the entire Islamic ummah to receive the forgiveness and blessings of Allah Almighty on this day.

Pilgrims gathered in Saudi Arabia are today making the journey to Mount Arafat, which is considered the most important ritual of the annual Hajj Pilgrimage.

More than 1.5 million Muslims braved extreme heat to reach Mount Arafat on Saturday for the high point of the annual hajj pilgrimage, praying for hours, especially for Palestinians in war-ravaged Gaza.

The Hajj, one of the world's biggest religious gatherings, is increasingly affected by climate change, according to a Saudi study published last month that said regional temperatures were rising 0.4 degrees Celsius each decade.