Islamic Minister Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed says a Maldivian pilgrim has suffered a heart attack and is now under treatment.

He said this while speaking to the media before departing for Saudi Arabia for Hajj Pilgrimage.

The Minister explained that years back, authorities decided to give special quotas for those fighting life-threatening health conditions to allow them to perform Hajj Pilgrimage.

Minister Shaheem said one such individual suffered a heart attack and is now under treatment at a hospital in Saudi Arabia. While the Minister did not give any more information about the individual, he said that the family of the individual has been updated and that the authorities are closely monitoring the situation.

Noting that designated doctors are traveling with Hajj Corporation and the Maldivian Hajj Mission, the Minister said that a special clinic has been set up at the hotel at which the pilgrims are staying.

The Minister also highlighted that the Saudi Arabian government has facilitated medical treatment free of charge for all Hajj and Umrah pilgrims from Noor Hospital and thanked the Saudi government for the generous arrangement.