Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital IGMH says it has launched an internal investigation to rule out hospital negligence over the death of a nine-year-old boy at the hospital last week.

The hospital said the circumstances surrounding the boy's death need to be investigated and that the hospital has launched an investigation into these circumstances.

However, the hospital provided no more information about the investigation or the circumstances.

Reports have said that the family of the deceased boy has accused IGMH of negligence over the death of their child. The child was taken to IGMH last month with a high-grade fever.

The family said that the hospital did not admit the child despite him having a fever of 103 Fahrenheit which is considered high for a child of his age.

They said that the child's condition further deteriorated because of an injection the hospital had administered and blood reports done on Tuesday also showed that the child's condition had not improved.

The child passed away on Wednesday.

While the family accused the hospital of negligence, IGMH said it would share information about its internal investigation once it has been completed.