Foreign Minister Moosa Zameer says proper action has been taken against top government officials who made derogatory comments against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi online.

He said this during an interview with ANI news Agency during his first official trip to India. His comments were on an incident that marred the beginning of the Presidency of Dr. Mohamed Muizzu as three Deputy Ministers from the government appeared to aim harsh criticism at the much-loved Indian Prime Minister.

The top-ranking officials from the government posted on social media berating the Indian Prime Minister after he was featured in a video promoting Indian Lakashdeep islands as a local tourist destination for Indians.

Touching on the incident, Foreign Minister Zameer reaffirmed that the comments made were not the stand of the Maldivian government or the view of the government.

He further said that such an incident should not have happened and the government has taken appropriate action against the officials to prevent it from happening.

The Minister also said that there have been a lot of misunderstanding on the matter but the government of India is now clear of what happened and that both countries have now passed that stage.