President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has instructed relevant authorities to ensure that students studying in the School of Medicine at the Maldives National University will continue their education at Dharumavantha Hospital without any disruptions.

His decision came after the University's Student Union, MNUSU appealed to the President on behalf of the students.

In a statement today, the President's Office said following a letter from the MNUSU to the President on April 23, 2024, the Minister at the President's Office for Strategic Communications arranged a meeting at the President's Office with representatives from relevant Government agencies and student representatives, as requested by the President. The students at the School of Medicine at Maldives National University expressed concerns regarding the possible loss of access to space at Dharumavantha Hospital for educational purposes.

As such, it was announced during the meeting held at the President's Office today (May 9, 2024) that students enrolled in the Maldives National University's School of Medicine will be able to continue their education at Dharumavantha Hospital as before.

Speaking at the meeting, the Maldives National University affirmed that the President's decision reflects his strong prioritization of student issues, particularly in offering opportunities for higher education students.

Representatives from both the university's students' union and the School of Medicine expressed confidence that the President would heed the voices of higher education students and implement the most effective solutions to their concerns.

After the discussions, the President assured prompt addressing of the students' concerns and implementing arrangements to alleviate any disruptions to their studies.

President Dr Muizzu remains committed to addressing matters concerning students and improving healthcare quality within the constraints of the state's fiscal situation.

There are ongoing initiatives to implement a specialized educational facility equipped with state-of-the-art amenities required for research by students of Maldives National University's School of Medicine.

The President's Office also said that efforts are underway to increase both the size and the number of beds available for patients at IGMH and Dharumavantha Hospital. Both hospitals are also in the process of introducing new healthcare services to improve patient care.