Bank of Maldives BML has today enabled transactions on previously blocked foreign merchants including selected money transfer platforms and digital wallets.

BML said that with this change, customers can use the Bank’s Visa USD Credit Card or Mastercard Prepaid USD Travel Card to seamlessly send and receive funds from these platforms.

It also said that customers can also use a BML-issued debit card with a USD account as the card’s primary account to send money to these merchants.

The Bank's CEO Karl Stumke underlined the importance of today's change in his comments to the media.

We understand the importance of supporting freelancers and small merchants who rely on payments received from overseas for their livelihoods and well-being and we are delighted to enable this for our customers as another step towards enhancing our banking and payment experience."
Karl Stumke, BML CEO

Setting up a digital wallet platform is one of the key pledges made by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu during this presidential campaign.