Chairperson of the main opposition party, MDP Fayyaz Ismail, says the party is not trying to make things difficult for the administration and overthrow it but that it would overthrow the government if it had to.

Fayyaz commented while speaking at the campaign rally of the MDP Candidate for the Thimarafushi parliamentary seat Fathuhullah Jameel.

The MDP Chairperson said that it was the party's responsibility as a political party to see that the country is brought back on to the right path. Repeating his accusations that this administration came into power by telling lies, Fayyaz said MDP would not give anyone the chance to take the country back to tyranny.

Noting that the MDP would do everything in its power, Fayyaz said the MDP should direct the nation on the right path and secure the country's future.

Fayyaz said that MDP must secure majority seats in the Parliamentary election to reign in the current administration.

He went on to say that until now, MDP thought the government of former President Abdullah Yameen was the most brutal and tyrannical ever but that this government is proving to be more ruthless in the short period it has been in power.