Elections Commission says so far 183 individuals have submitted the candidacy application forms ahead of the Parliamentary Elections slated for next month.

In a post on 'X', Vice President of the Commission Ismail Habeeb said that yesterday alone 115 individuals submitted their candidacy forms and that so far a total of 183 individuals have now submitted their forms.

Yesterday, the main opposition Party MDP submitted the candidacy forms for its candidates competing in the Parliamentary election. MDP is competing for 89 of the 93 seats of the 20th Parliament.

The Elections Commission had announced earlier this year that it would be holding the Parliamentary Elections on the 17th of March which is also the 6th day of Ramadan.

However, earlier this week, the Parliament passed an amendment to the Elections Act which states that future elections cannot be held during the holy month of Ramadan. The Elections Commission is yet to announce whether or not this changes the date of the Parliamentary elections. But, it had said that even if the elections is delayed, candidates have to submit their application forms before the 14th of this month.