President of Dhivehi Language Academy Dr. Ashraf Abdul Raheem says the biggest problem facing the Academy is the lack of a hall.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the speaking competition held at the Islamic University Hall yesterday, Ashraf said it was important to have a hall for the competitions organized by the Dhivehi Language Academy. Ashraf said the biggest difficulty faced by the academy is the lack of a hall.

He asked the Ministry of Dhivehi Language, Culture, and Heritage to build a hall on the grounds of the academy.

Addressing the participants, Ashraf said that with the resources available at this age, you cannot become a good speaker by simplifying things. To be a good speaker, Ashraf said there is a lot of work to be done before climbing the podium.

The purpose of such competitions is to instill them in the children, Ashraf said, adding that if that is not achieved, there is no point in such competitions.

A total of 312 students from 29 schools participated in this year's competition. Students from grades 7 to 12 will be divided into three categories.