A couple of attackers threatened and robbed former national team female footballer Mariyam Mohamed (Mayan) while she was out jogging earlier this morning.

In a social media post, Mayan said that as per usual she set out for her morning jog right after Fajr prayers and she had taken a route on Hulhumale Phase 1. She recounted that the incident happened when she was jogging on a street near the Raincrest Residence.

She said that two people wearing helmets sat on a motorcycle when she passed them. Mayan said she was trying to cross the road when she felt one of the individuals grab her neck from behind and snatch her gold necklace from her neck.

The former players said that she started to scream for help and a foreigner heeded her call and chased after the snatchers. She also said that in the heat of the movement she forgot to check the license number of the motorcycle they fled on.

Police acknowledged that they had received a report of a theft that happened on a residential street in Hulhumale' in the early hours of this morning. Police said that they were investigating the incident and that no one has been arrested yet in connection to the case.