Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Aslam says he would strive to make sure that the parliament's administrative staff is included in a social housing category.

Aslam was speaking at the parliamentary staff night held after 12 years.

Aslam said he met with the administrative staff of the Parliament and they mentioned two concerns of the employees. One of them is that the administrative staff of the Parliament are not included in a social housing category as staff from other organizations. Aslam said that he believes that the Parliamentary Office should organize it and the Parliament should formulate a plan to implement it.

Aslam said therefore the work will be carried out in consultation.

In addition, the salary increase of parliamentary administrative employees has not been increased for a long time, he said. Aslam said he still does not believe that the administrative employees are being paid adequately for their hard work.

Aslam said that what he wanted to do administratively when he became the Speaker of the Parliament was to meet with the staff of the Parliament. The hard work of the administrative staff is felt and a parliament is running by their hard work, he said.

Aslam said the work of the administrative staff should be recognized, adding that the work done by MPs in the House, like MPs, is usually seen on television but the hard work being done by the administrative staff behind the scenes cannot be seen in real reality. Aslam said that neither the certificate nor the award given at such a ceremony is a value for the national service of the administrative employees.