A member of the senate of the ruling People's National Congress PNC Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim has resigned from his seat on the senate.

In a letter addressed to the President of PNC, he said that he worked to protect Maldivian sovereignty and Islamic values with sincerity as a PNC member because the party was operated as per the directions of former President Abdullah Yameen.

Dr. Abdullah said that right now the party members are witnessing how the party was snatched from Yameen and how barbarism, jealousy, and competitiveness have been put forward to achieve one person's gains.

He further said that the party has now fallen under the claws of one person and that pillars of nationalism have been shattered along with the principles of democracy and against the people's wishes.

The former PNC senate member said that in this situation remaining with the party would be to go against the principles supported by Yameen and these principles supported strong Islamic values as well as maintaining patriotism.

His resignation comes after the Secretary General of PNC Shifaaq Mufeed (Histo) also resigned from his post in the party and is likely to join Yameen at his new party People's National Front PNF.