People National Congress PNC says it won't allow anyone who is working to bring down the newly inaugurated government of Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

PNC said via a curt post on X that this government came into power with lots of hopes. The sister party of PPM said that it would not allow anyone to create discord in the government and bring about a coup against the government.

The talk of quelling a coup comes not even a week after the PPM/PNC coalition came into power as President Muizzu was sworn in as President last Friday.

But the defiant call from PNC follows amid confusion at the helm of PPM after the party leader Abdullah Yameen formed a 13-member steering committee to oversee party affairs without backing from the party senate.

The Committee met with members of the media on Tuesday night and urged PPM members not to leave the party for another other party be it its sister party PNC.

The Committee also urged PNC to form better communication channels with PPM and that Yameen wants both coalition partners to have a better relationship.

However, yesterday was a day of infighting in PPM as the party suspended Senate Member Mohamed Maleeh Jamal, who headed the press conference on Tuesday night, from party activities alleging that he had violated PPM regulations.