Islamic Minister Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed says the new government is contemplating giving all the hajj quota allocated to the Maldives to the state-owned Hajj Corporation.

Speaking on PSM's Raaje Miadhu program, Minister Shaheem said that the country should be more mindful of the issue of charging huge amounts for hajj trips and that the new government would look into the matter more closely.

Minister Shaheem said that the Ministry was now having discussions on preventing these issues.

He said that one of the solutions on the table was giving all the hajj quotas allocated to the Maldives to the Hajj Corporation instead of giving some quotas to private groups.

The Minister said then the whole process would be carried out within the guidelines set by the government.

Minister Shaheem further said that the government held discussions with the Saudi delegation that came to the Maldives for the inauguration of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu on increasing the hajj quota allocation for the Maldives.

He noted that while the Maldives received 1,000 quotas last year, the new government would push for 2,000 quotas this year.