Today's parliament session will continue till the resolution on governance system change is either rejected or approved by the MPs present for the session.

The resolution which call for a public referendum on changing the governance system of the country from a Presidential system to a parliamentary system was proposed by the MP for Hulhudhoo Constituency Ilyas Labeeb earlier this month and the debate on the resolution began today.

The Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed said today he intends to conclude the parliamentary work on the resolution today.

Nasheed detailed that this included the debate on the resolution as well as taking it to a whole-house committee, concluding the committee's work, putting the resolution to a vote, and also ordering the Elections Commission to make arrangements to hold a public referendum on the matter.

He said that the session would no be concluded before this work was done and that was because of how difficult it was to begin the session in the first place.

Today's parliamentary session was delayed by one hour due to the lack of a quorum as many MPs who attended the parliament refused to join the session.

Nasheed implored the MPs to enter the chamber and take their seats and gave them time to decide before starting the session around 10:00 a.m. after the session got a adequate quorum.