Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed says he cannot begin the parliamentary session today because of the lack of quorum.

The parliament session scheduled for yesterday was also hampered by the lack of an adequate quorum and the legislative house faces the same problem today after it re-scheduled yesterday's session for today.

Nasheed said that he was waiting for the MPs to join him for the session and that right now only 17 MPs were present in the chamber.

At least 22 MPs are needed for a quorum.

The Speaker indicated that many MPs were within the premises of the parliamentary building and called on the MPs to enter the chamber and take their seats.

Many MPs from MDP decided to boycott yesterday's session as the Parliament agenda included the motion calling on the government to expedite efforts to take back parts of the country's waters it had ceased control of.

Nasheed said yesterday that 14 MPs had signed the attendance sheet and not entered the chamber for the session.

The MPs include MDP PG Leader MP for Hithadhoo North Constituency Mohamed Aslam.

The third term of 2023 for the 19th Parliament have been littered with stop-start sessions and internal squabbles with no concrete work yet completed by the legislative house.