President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih gives a full-on football analogy on his strategy to win the Presidential run-off scheduled for later this month after coming in second in the first round of voting held earlier this month.

Speaking to his supporters at the MDP Party Center in Sosun Magu, President Solih described the Presidential Election as a football match and said that just the 'first half' was over referring to the first round of the election.

President Solih said that just because the first half was over does not mean the match was finished and that some teams end up going 3-1, or 4-1 behind.

He further said that the MDP coalition was now 3-1 behind in the proverbial match but that they would level the scoreline, and score 2 more goals in the second round to win the 'match' by 3-5.

Continuing this analogy, President Solih said that he has now entered the 'changing room' and strategized for the 'second half and has put those with more stamina on the front and changed positions within the team.

It is believed that the President was referring to his meeting with the campaign teams.

The MDP Candidate urged the public to re-register for the run-off as many lost their right to cast votes because of their failure to re-register in time.

President Solih also urged his campaign teams to increase their door-to-door activities and educate the people on his policies.

Speaking about his opponent for the Run-Off, President Solih said PNC Candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu was making pledges without a clear plan and that the purpose was to dupe the people and win the election.