Jumhooree Party Presidential Candidate Qasim Ibrahim promises to write off all the government loans issued to small and medium businesses if he wins the Presidential Election.

He made the pledge while speaking at a campaign rally in Alifu Alifu Mathiveri today.

Qasim said that the government has been giving out loans in different names in a bid to make the people fall into debt.

He said that the government has included SME loans in its budget and has been issuing funds to the people under its guise.

Gasim said that the people don't have the capacity to pay back the loans and the purpose of these loans was to always get votes.

He said that this was because these loans were issued without a structure and that they were issued without objectivity. He promised to forgive all the loans issued by the government to SMEs under his rule.

The leader of the Jumhooree Party further implored the people to think about those vying for their votes in the Presidential Election set for September 9th.

The veteran business tycoon had promised to write off student loans and hiya flat rents if he came into power.