Founder of the Democrats and MP for West Henveyru Constituency Hassan Latheef says President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih does not have the support of over 90 percent of those in the security forces.

MP Latheef said this in response to comments made by the President in a campaign rally in Thaa Atoll in which he said that the country would fall into bedlam if the Presidential Election goes to a run-off.

The MP said that there would be no bedlam in the country even in a run-off and that 90 percent of the individuals in MNDF and Police do not support President Solih.

MP Latheef added that the President now knows this to be true.

Speaking at the rally in Thaa Atoll Kinbidhoo, President Solih said that the direction of the work to create a peaceful and prosperous country was right and that his visits to the inner island showed that the people were ready to move forward with MDP.