Leader of MDP Parliamentary Group MP Mohamed Aslam says those chairing parliamentary sessions are misusing the parliamentary regulations and that he still believes all matters can be resolved within the legislative house.

This comes after the parliamentary session held today was cut short after only five minutes. Today's session was held to decide on the composition of the parliamentary standing committees but was cut short to give the parliamentarians to ponder on the committee report on composition as some MPs have changed their political alliances over the past weeks.

Speaking at a press conference held on the matter at the parliament today, MP Aslam said that Parliamentary regulations allow MPs to submit a no-confidence motion against both the Speaker of the Parliament and the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament.

He said that if the regulations do not allow this, the MPs would take back the no-confidence motions.

MP Aslam said that presently, the parliament's regulations are being misused and that the conflicting matters can still be resolved within the parliament.

He conceded that if there is no other way forward, they have to seek assistance from the Supreme Court.

MP Aslam accused Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed of wanting to keep the parliament at a standstill and called on the Speaker to allow the parliament to implement its own regulation or else resign from his post.