The Elections Commission has given the green signal to the Democrats to hold its first political gathering while its registration remains pending at the Commission.

The Vice President of the Commission Ismail Habeen confirmed via Twitter that the Commission had granted the party permission to hold its first political gathering in order to form the party and that the decision has been relayed to the party founder and MP for Henveiru Hulhangu Constituency Hassan Latheef.

This was later confirmed by Hassan Latheef who shared the permission document from EC via Twitter.

The party submitted more than the legally required 3,000 membership forms to register the party last month and then applied for permission to hold its first political gathering but was initially denied by the Commission.

It said that the Commission could not hold the meeting to decide on the permission as the quorum for the meeting was not met due to the lack of Commission members.

Only two attended the meeting with two other refusing to attend meeting and another abroad to perform the Hajj Pilgrimage. Three EC members must be present at the meeting.