President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih says Maldives Democratic Party MDP and its members will only keep moving forward.

The President said this in his message on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the biggest political party in the country.

The President wished the party and its members a happy anniversary and said that by the will of God, the party and its members will continue to move forward.

MDP appeared to have overcome its most turbulent period after its President Mohamed Nasheed announced his resignation from the party earlier this month.

MDP had been under a state of internal struggle leading up to its Presidential Primary in January and the win for President Solih confirmed the much-anticipated fragmentation of the party mostly known for its unity.

Nasheed led a faction of his own with the party and eventually, the faction broke away from the party and formed its own political party. The faction took with it core members of the MDP leadership including the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament MP Eva Abdullah and the former Chairperson of MDP MP Hassan Latheef.