MP for Naifaru Constituency Ahmed Shiyam aims criticism at the chairperson of the Parliament's Public Accounts Committee MP for Kinbidhoo Constituency Mohamed Nashiz.

Speaking during the debate on the amendment of the political party composition of the parliament's standing committee, MP Shiyam said that the vileness of the parliament's majority party came out during the discussion on the committee composition.

He said especially the vileness of the majority leader was highlighted during these talks.

MP Shiyam highlighted that the Chairperson of the Parliament's public account committee is also the campaign manager of MDP's Presidential Candidate President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

He went on to say that the majority party wanted the wife of MP Nashiz, the MP for Hulhumeedhoo Constituency Rozaina Adam to chair the Parliamentary Committee on Independent Institutions and still wants to call this 'a democracy'.

MP Shiyam said that the majority party did not want to let go of even an inch and even wanted the committee slots allocated to the minority party.

He then accused the government affiliated MPs of stalling the parliament and exerting influence on independent institutions including the Judicial Service Commission to pressure the judges residing the cases against former President Abdullah Yameen.