Presidential Spokesperson Mohamed Miuvaan says it does not make any sense to release the letter President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih sent to the Prime Minister of Mauritius about the Chagos dispute.

Speaking at his weekly press conference today, Miuvaan said that while many have been politicizing the issue and making it look like it's a normal thing, releasing the contents of such a document would be baffling and defies common sense.

Miuvaan further said that it is the global practice to protect the content of such correspondences between the leaders of two nations.

The Spokesperson said releasing such content is not done in other countries and that previous Maldivian governments have also not released such correspondences.

He added that if the parliament's security committee requested to see the contents of the letter, the government would oblige.

This was also confirmed by the MPs of the opposition party who had marched to the President's office to demand to see the much-talked-about letter that President Solih sent to the Mauritian Prime Minister.

The President's Chief of Staff Ali Zahir informed the MPs that the government would release the letter to the security committee also known as the 241 committees.