MRM president Ahmed Faris Maumoon says that the Election Commission's decision to dissolve MRM is a corrupt decision and urged the party members to remain patient.

Faris's comments came after the Election Commission banned any political activity from the party after taking starting the process to dissolve MRM citing that it failed to get 3,000 members within the time frame given.

Under the law, only political parties with a membership of 3,000 or more can operate in the country.

Faris said he considered the Commission's decision to be "irresponsible" and beyond the legal framework with the undue influence of corruption.

He went on to say that this shows how deep corruption has sunk its claws within the country to the point at which it is impossible to even uphold the law.

Faris said the party will remain steadfast and will prevail over the decision taken outside the legal framework.

Faris called upon the party members, and all well-wishers of the party, to stand firm to save themselves from such corrupt and unfair political practices.

Following, the Commission's decision, MRM said that it had submitted new membership forms that would take its total member count to up to 3,100.

But the Commission said that the party submitted 140 forms submitted by MRM and only 66 forms cleared the first point of verification.