A man has been found dead in a bathroom in the northern city of Kulhudhufushi earlier today.

Police said that the local man was found collapsed in the bathroom after his housemates grew concerned as the man was taking too much time in the bathroom.

They said that the 48-year-old was rushed to Kulhudhufushi regional hospital around 10:45 am in the morning.

Police quoted the hospital to report that the man was declared dead on arrival.

Police did not reveal the cause of the death of the man but said that they were further investigating the case.

Earlier this year, an elderly woman was found dead in her in Noonu Manadhoo but the Police later ruled her death as a homicide.

Several reports have said that the woman was found with stab wounds after her family along with the Police broke into her house. Her family reported to the police that they had lost contact with the victim for two days.

Police have not made an arrest in relation to the case but have taken several DNA samples from the residents of the island to rule out potential suspects.