Jumhooree Party Leader Qasim Ibrahim has submitted his application form to compete in the Party's primary to elect a Presidential Candidate ahead of the September elections.

Qasim's Special Envoy Ilham Ahmed confirmed this to 'The Press'.

The deadline for application ended at 12:00 pm today and only Qasim had applied to compete in the JP primary.

In the 151st party meeting that was held on the 14th of this month, JP decided to compete in September presidential election individually or as a leader of a coalition.

Many members from JP are currently campaigning for Qasim via social media.

Qasim has also requested party deputy leader Ameen Ibrahim to carry out all the responsibilities related to the election and asked all party organs to cooperate with Ameen in his duties.

Qasim's application comes after the MDP faction led by party President Mohamed Nasheed pledged its support to a coalition with Jumhooree Party.

Qasim has been meeting political leaders from different parties including President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.