British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is set to unveil new measures today to crack down on antisocial behavior by focusing on policing in several areas of England and Wales.

This comes as he works to win over voters in the run-up to an election expected next year.

In a statement, PM Sunak said that anti-social behavior undermines the basic right of people to feel safe in the place they call home.

He said that the public has rightly had enough and that this is why he is determined to restore people's confidence that those responsible will be quickly and visibly punished.

Reuters reported that the new measures, including "hotspot" policing and a ban on nitrous oxide or laughing gas, underscore his zero-tolerance approach to anti-social behavior which will see offenders receiving swift and visible punishments.

Sunak is looking to boost his poll numbers and is increasingly setting out his policy agenda to try to close a double-digit lead in the opinion polls for the opposition Labour Party.